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Biggest air travel deal finding web sites are:

Those largest sites can usually provide best deals because they have bulk purchasing power and can pass those rates to customers.

When traveling in Europe, trains, cars, or buses are usually cheaper than air travel.  On other continents, including North America, air travel is usually cheaper and much faster because of long distances between major cities.  

To save most money, you should try booking a flight yourself instead of using an agent.  We don't recommend buying an indirect flight unless the savings of a nonstop flight are significant (at least $50).  Only one takeoff and landing decreases the chances of something going wrong.  The probability of your baggage getting lost also decreases.  And of course it takes longer to fly via an indirect route. 

Best deals on air travel from US are during winter.  European hotels are also cheaper compared to summer because they try to fill in all their rooms.

International travel is currently very attractive for Americans because of the strong dollar.  Using credit cards instead of airport currency exchanges is preferable because of better rates.

Best ticket prices are usually available midweek, not on Friday when everyone wants to leave.  To save most money be flexible and try different departure times and dates on online travel sites.  

Note that in many cases it remains cheaper to book a car offline.

For adventure travel, don't forget to look into insurance.


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