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Tips for air travel:

  • To decrease accident chances choose non-stop routes (only one takeoff and landing) and larger aircraft (more safety requirements)

  • To increase your safety: listen carefully to the preflight briefing, don't drink too much alcohol, keep your seat belt fastened while seated, don't store heavy objects in overhead storage bin 

  • If you have a choice, choose early flights to avoid ripple-effect delays and choose non-stop flights to avoid delays

  • Check your flying times to avoid peak times of the day (4 PM - 6 PM) and major holidays

  • Take weather into consideration: for example snowstorms are possible in northwest during winter.  Check weather forecast for your destination airport.

  • Call the airline or check its website to check your flight's status ahead of your departure to the airport.

  • If your flight is cancelled, the airline should rebook you on the next flight to your destination for no extra charge.  If there is a long wait, ask about seats on another airline's flight and for your original carrier to endorse your ticket.

  • Arrive at the airport two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight.

  • Pack a snack for a domestic flight as many airlines have discontinued in-flight meals on domestic flights.  It's best not to get on an airplane hungry. 

  • Check the limits on carry-on luggage with the airline (there is no single standard) before packing.

  • Don't put valuables, medicines, keys, passport, important papers, fragile items in checked baggage.  Instead carry them on you or in a carry-on bag.

  • Put a tag on the outside and inside of your baggage with your contact info.

  • Be polite to airline employees.

  • Few carriers, like Southwest Airlines, don't have assigned seating.  It pays to show up early for your flight with such an airline.

  • If you are tall, choose an aisle seat so you can stretch your legs.

  • Think about buying a motion sickness drug before you fly if you get motion sick easily.

  • Take water with you because air inside the cabin gets very dry during the flight.




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